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At Clément, Diamonds are our Top priority in order for our customers to be satisfied with their purchase. That is why we bring in the best Diamonds on the market; GIA Certified Diamonds.
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With many experience throughout the years Clément has been renowned for Diamond Jewellery. With our in-house workshop we are able to customise the perfect timeless jewellery for our clients. At Clément we assist each client with designing their product but customers could also bring their own design and Clément would be able to craft it to its perfection.

Diamond/ Jewellery Care

At Clément we offer a full exceptional service for your Diamond or Jewellery in order to clean them and shine bright again.

Diamond/Jewellery Valuation

With many experience throughout the year, Diamonds have shown to increase in value throughout the year and it would be best to valuate your Diamond Jewellery every couple of year. Clément would be able to assist you to valuate your new cost or even help you upgrade your Diamonds without losing the value of your old Diamond.


Clément assists its clients along the way to create the perfect Diamond for each client whether the client is buying an Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, Diamond Jewellery. Visit our shop to help you find or design your Diamond Jewellery now.

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